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There are few places in life that feel like home. For me, Cochise Stronghold [1] is one of them. I’ve stayed there on many occasions over the past six years but it still gives me a buzz of anticipation every time I drive into the canyon.

The wildlife is always interesting, and there’s always something new. This time, a small overhead flock of Cedar Waxwings were my first at the B&B. The usual suspects were also in evidence.

Before heading back to Tucson I had one last stab at looking for snakes, as it might have been my last chance of the year. And I had some success, with first a Groundsnake, a new one for me, although it didn’t hang about to have more than one photo taken, and then a very pretty little snake, a juvenile Coachwhip.

Or at least, that’s what I think they are. If anyone disagrees with any of my IDs on snakes, or anything for that matter, please tell me. You’re probably right.

I don’t know what you call ‘looking for snakes’. Snaking, maybe? Anyway, it’s definitely a new hobby for me. I have now seen 11 of Arizona’s 52 species, so there are plenty more to go…