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January 25th, 2009

Baird’s Sparrow

Embarrassingly, in the six years I’ve been in Arizona I’d never visited the San Rafael Valley… until today. Keen AZ birders will know that if I’ve not been to San Rafael Valley I’ve almost certainly not seen a Baird’s Sparrow, and they would be correct. This scarce winter visitor is very particular about its grassland […]

January 21st, 2009

More Tucson rarities

Birding wouldn’t be as much fun if it was always easy. With rare and interesting birds still hanging around in Tucson I made a bid to see a few more last week. A quick visit to Fort Lowell Park yielded the usual zero Parulas and zero Hooded Mergansers, and likewise my second trip of the […]

January 8th, 2009

Tucson rarities

There are a number of rare and interesting birds sticking around in Tucson this winter, and today I caught up with a couple of them.

Violet-crowned Hummingbird is pretty rare in Tucson. I’ve only ever seen them in Patagonia and Bisbee, which pretty much constitutes their entire US range. But this winter there had already […]

January 1st, 2009

1st January 2009

I’m going to try and see more wildlife this year. Not a bad idea, really. So for the first time since I arrived in the States, I made a conscious effort to see a few birds on New Year’s Day, as is the tradition. For the more dedicated Tucson birder with better organizational skills, a […]