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November 6th, 2009
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Magnolia Warbler

Magnolia-Warbler-Ft-Lowell-Pk-110609-02Magnolia-Warbler-Ft-Lowell-Pk-110609-06A quick dash for a new AZ bird paid off, for once, this afternoon. I’ve looked for migrant warblers in Fort Lowell Park on several previous occasions, always coming up empty. News of a Magnolia Warbler in the usual avenue of cottonwood trees got me out of the office and, amazingly, after a fruitless half hour search I was headed back for the car when it appeared in the low branches in front of me. It was feeding very actively, so may be a fresh arrival. This made it somewhat difficult to photograph, but one or two of my lame attempts were at least identifiable.

Tucson’s parks are often very productive birding hotspots. Last week I caught up with my first Red-breasted Sapsucker in McCormick Park, the same park that hosted a fabulous male Williamson’s Sapsucker last winter. What next?

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