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Fun Birding Tours in Southeast Arizona

Sandhill Cranes in the Sulphur Springs Valley, Arizona [1] [2]Welcome to Fun Birding Tours based in Tucson, Arizona. My name is Richard Fray and I’ll be your guide…

When birding, my emphasis is always on having a good time, even if the birds don’t cooperate. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert, if you’re chasing a particular species or just want to experience birding in southeast Arizona; I aim to give you the best chance of seeing the fabulous wildlife of this unique region, and make sure we all have fun doing it!

Take a look at my bird guiding [3], birding tours [4] and Fun Birding Workshops [5] in southeast Arizona and further afield, and please contact me [6] with any questions. I’ll be delighted to help you plan your trip, and escort you as we experience the great birding southeast Arizona has to offer.