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April 15th, 2010
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Ramsey Canyon, Fort Huachuca, Miller & Ash Canyon

Birding again with Joe, Becky, Roger and Mary-Louise, today we watched the hummingbirds over breakfast at the Ramsey Canyon Inn, including BLUE-THROATED, MAGNIFICENT, BROAD-BILLED, BLACK-CHINNED and ANNA’S. A pair of SCALED QUAIL were again on the entrance road.Snowberry-Clearwing-Scheelite-Canyon-10-0415-01

In Fort Huachuca there were plenty of BUFF-BREASTED FLYCATCHERS at Sawmill Canyon along with several DUSKY-CAPPED FLYCATCHERS, HEPATIC TANAGERS and a GRACE’S WARBLER. Scheelite Canyon was very quiet with a couple of singing PAINTED REDSTARTS and little else. No owls, but we didn’t reach the best spots. However we did find this splendid SNOWBERRY CLEARWING, an impressive bee mimic considering it’s a sphynx moth. Upper Garden Canyon was also quiet. We didn’t see or hear trogons anywhere, despite a concerted effort.

Broad-tailed-Hummingbird-Miller-Canyon-10-0415-01Black-chinned-Hummingbird-Miller-Canyon-10-0415-01Beatty’s Guest Ranch was also slow early afternoon, with just five hummingbird species: BROAD-BILLED, BROAD-TAILED, MAGNIFICENT, BLACK-CHINNED and ANNA’S.

Ash Canyon B&B was lively, though. A superb male LUCIFER HUMMINGBIRD came in to feed several times after 4.30pm. A female CASSIN’S FINCH was hanging round with a female House Finch and the Chipping Sparrow flock. Both HOODED and SCOTT’S ORIOLE were present, and 11 WILD TURKEYS provided much entertainment, the dominant male threatening anyone or anything in its path. Many thanks to Mary Jo for her usual charming hospitality.


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