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May 26th, 2010
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Madera Canyon

Broad-billed-Hummingbird-Madera-Canyon-10-0527-04After a liesurely start around the cabins at Madera Kubo in Canyon, we headed down to Santa Rita Lodge. From the road we heard an ELEGANT TROGON calling behind the lodge, so we went back up to Amphitheater and worked downstream. We soon encountered him, calling repeatedly and investigating nest holes, but steadily heading up canyon and seemingly alone. A male was apparently at Proctor Road this morning – maybe this was the same bird? We were told of at least three other trogon sightings in the more expected higher elevations.

The continuing BUFF-BREASTED FLYCATCHER (assuming it’s the same bird) was found a little further up canyon than previously reported, between the east loop to Whitehouse Picnic Area and the road.

Over the previous few days Dick and Denise had witnessed the FLAME-COLORED TANAGER find a mate, a female WESTERN TANAGER. This seemed to change his appearances markedly – suddenly he was absent for long periods and much quieter. Today he wasn’t seen or heard in the general area from 10.30 to 4.15, when he appeared in the large sycamores across the road from cabin #2 and sang his head off for the best part of 30 minutes. He was then around the general area for the rest of the evening, coming down to the grape jelly and showing well on occasion. Has she dumped him already? Or were they busy making babies all morning…?

Berylline-Hummingbird-Madera-Canyon-10-0527-01Berylline-Hummingbird-Madera-Canyon-10-0527-03The BERYLLINE HUMMINGBIRD was coming regularly to the feeder outside cabin #2. I couldn’t see if it was banded but I wouldn’t rule it out. In between visits it sometimes perched in the branches overhanging the feeder, and always headed off towards the creek and upstream. Other hummers included BLUE-THROATED, MAGNIFICENT, BROAD-BILLED and BLACK-CHINNED.

The general birding around Madera Kubo was just amazing. Regulars at the feeders and in the area included BLUE and BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAKS, HEPATIC and SUMMER TANAGERS, WHITE-BREASTED NUTHATCH, BRIDLED TITMOUSE, ARIZONA WOODPECKER, BRONZED COWBIRD, BROWN-CRESTED FLYCATCHER and more. A PAINTED REDSTART spent a while picking insects from the window frames, a pair of HOODED ORIOLES have rebuilt last year’s nest in the sycamore overhanging the road (both seen perched next to the nest although they weren’t seen to enter), a pair of PLUMBEOUS VIREOS are in residence a few yards up the road and one of three WILD TURKEYS that passed by (a female) had a large yellow wing tag which I couldn’t read as it was tucked under the wing.

Thanks to Richard and Cora for maintaining the feeders and accommodating birders so graciously. If you enjoy birding at Madera Kubo please consider leaving a donation in the box by the gift shop entrance, or drop off some oranges, grape jelly or bird seed to show your appreciation. Unless you are staying at the cabins or primarily visiting the gift shop, please remember to park in the Amphitheater parking lot just 0.1 miles downhill. It’s a short and very pleasant walk.

And of course, thanks to Dick and Denise for their wonderful company. I can’t wait till next time! 🙂

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