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July 10th, 2010
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Ash Canyon, Miller Canyon – Hummingbird workshop

I was joined by Susan, Clare, Jenise and Flory in a quest to see hummingbirds in the Huachuca Mountains, and we weren’t left disappointed. On the way a PRAIRIE FALCON flew by near Benson and a pair of SCALED QUAIL prompted an emergency stop near Sierra Vista.

We started at Ash Canyon B&B where we soon racked up BROAD-BILLED, ANNA’S, BLACK-CHINNED, RUFOUS, COSTA’S and a couple of visits by a female LUCIFER HUMMINGBIRD along with a nice variety of other birds at Mary Jo’s feeders, including ARIZONA WOODPECKER, BLACK-HEADED and BLUE GROSBEAKS, SUMMER TANAGER and lots more besides.

At Beatty’s Guest Ranch in Miller Canyon we added BERYLLINE (male and female), WHITE-EARED (male and female), BLUE-THROATED (multiple), MAGNIFICENT and BROAD-TAILED HUMMINGBIRDS, plus the leucistic hummingbird thought by most to be a Black-chinned. The feeders were really buzzing as the rain started to fall. SULPHUR-BELLIED FLYCATCHER also put in an appearance.

Eleven species of hummer on a thoroughly enjoyable day spent in fine company. As always, many thanks to Mary Jo Ballator and Tom Beatty Snr. and Jnr. for their dedicated work, bringing the wonderful birds of the Huachucas to us lucky, lucky birders. We truly appreciate it – thank you!

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