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July 24th, 2010
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Miller Canyon, Ash Canyon

Berylline-Hummingbird-Miller-Canyon-10-0724-02Blue-throated-Hummingbird-Miller-Canyon-10-0724-06Spotted-Owl-Miller-Canyon-10-0724-05I spent the day in the Huachuca Mountains with Australian birding friend Greg Anderson. We started at Miller Canyon. Beatty’s Guest Ranch was low on quantity of hummers, but as usual very high on quality. BERYLLINE, WHITE-EARED, BLUE-THROATED, MAGNIFICENT, ANNA’S, BLACK-CHINNED, BROAD-TAILED and BROAD-BILLED were all seen in 40 minutes. We hiked up canyon and enjoyed good looks at a SPOTTED OWL roosting in a maple on the far side of the creek just above the split rock.


Lucifer-x-Annas-Hummingbird-Ash-Canyon-10-0724-02Broad-billed-Hummingbird-Ash-Canyon-10-0724-02We spent the afternoon at Ash Canyon B&B. Male LUCIFER and immature male COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRD joined the party, whilst the male LUCIFER x ANNA’S HUMMINGBIRD hybrid continues and is a fascinating and instructive bird to study. Many thanks to Greg for his excellent company and the Beatty family and Mary Jo, Cookie and Rube for their fine hospitality! 🙂

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