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October 8th, 2010
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White Mountains, October

Acmon-Blue-Carnero-Lake-10-1003-01Striped-meadowhawk-Carnero-Lake-10-1003-02Red-Squirrel-Carnero-Lake-10-1003-02For the last time this year Melanie and I spent a weekend at Pinetop in the White Mountains. We visited many of the same sites as last month: Big Springs, Green’s Peak, Carnero Lake and Greer, and not surprisingly saw many of the same things. A couple of butterflies at Carnero Lake were new for me though, Melissa Blue and Acmon Blue. Both were late in the year for their species, owing to the unseasonally warm fall weather. The White Mountians usually has frost by the middle of September but it hasn’t been close so far this year.

Red-Crossbill-Woodland-Lake-10-1002-04Lake-of-the-Woods-10-0110-01Lake-of-the-Woods-10-0110-03I spent a morning birding with Jonathan Hanridge along Billy Creek and around Woodland Lake. We found a large flock of Red Crossbills at first light. We watched as, one by one, at least 100 birds all came down to the same secluded spot on the creek to drink. It’s thirsty work when your diet consists of pine cone seeds. The light was still low but I managed a record shot of a smart male.

LewissWoodpecker-Lake-of-the-Woods-10-1001-04LewissWoodpecker-Lake-of-the-Woods-10-1001-05I was delighted to finally get decent photos of Lewis’s Woodpecker, a bird I see all the time in the Lakeside/Pinetop area, often well, but until now never when I have my camera handy.

Lake of the Woods looked great at sunset. On our final morning, just after dawn, an adult Bald Eagle flew over the lake and right over our cabin, presumably freshly arrived for the winter. It was a great way to sign off for the year!

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