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November 27th, 2010

Happy Valley

Along with my friend Ed Tobin and his amazing dogs Unai and Treasure, I took my mum and dad for a sightseeing drive into Happy Valley, round the ‘back’ of the Rincon Mountains. It was really beautiful as usual.

We saw some outstanding wildlife too. The obvious highlight was watching a RED-TAILED HAWK which was plucking its recently caught prey in a roadside tree whilst being absolutely hammered by a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE. The shrike was screaming at the hawk and dive-bombing it, actually hitting it on the head time and again. We couldn’t work out if the shrike was trying to steal the hawk’s lunch, or whether the hawk had stolen the shrike’s lunch, or indeed if the hawk was eating the shrike’s mate!

Whilst all this was going on my mum asked what we were watching. A hawk and a shrike, I replied. Looks more like a roadrunner, said mum. I looked away from the hawk to see my mum looking in a different direction, at a GREATER ROADRUNNER standing perfectly still right in front of the car. We didn’t know which way to turn!


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