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January 20th, 2011
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Sulphur Springs Valley Again

I was back at Whitewater Draw again today with another bus load from Pleasurebent Tours. They were treated to an exceptional display from the SANDHILL CRANES. I think maybe the full 20,000 were in attendance by about 2pm. Simply sensational.

The TREE SWALLOW flock had increased to 18, with one BARN SWALLOW for good measure. The pair of GREATER SCAUP were still in the same spot on the first pond, while a couple of CANVASBACKS were new from Tuesday. The white goose flock appeared to be larger, maybe 150 birds. The yellowlegs weren’t around but a single AMERICAN AVOCET made up for it.

I finally caught up with a SWAMP SPARROW in the corner of the first pond, near the orange plastic chairs.

There were lots of other birds as well. The Sulphur Springs Valley makes for a great day trip at the moment…

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