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February 19th, 2011

Central Arizona

I spent the day birding with Laura and Paul Stewart. We started at the thrasher spot near Buckeye but it was already raining and blowing a gale when we arrived and our only decent bird was a single CRISSAL THRASHER. Moving on, we didn’t do much better in almost constant rain, but birding from the car wasn’t too bad. Highlights included 58 SANDHILL CRANES and a SNOW GOOSE along Arlington School Rd, a CATTLE EGRET nearby, a couple of roadside BELTED KINGFISHERS and TREE SWALLOWS almost everywhere, with a couple of VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS thrown in. Wet fields near Palo Verde produced 100+ WHITE-FACED IBIS, several WILSON’S SNIPE and 20+ LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS, whilst a dark phase FERRUGINOUS HAWK was near Gila Bend.

Tough conditions for Arizona birding!

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