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April 27th, 2011
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One down, two to go

Having taken part in the AveVentura Birdathon for Tucson Audubon Society last weekend, I’ve now only got two more birdathons to go! 😀

On Saturday 30 April I will be taking charge of one of the ‘expert-led’ birdathons with my hilariously-named team, ‘Birds of Fray’. I say ‘team’ – one person did sign up but they had to drop out again unfortunately, so it looks like I could be on my own 🙁

But there’s still time to sign up! Plus, you wouldn’t have to raise the stated $250 in order to take part – any donation or fundraising effort will be accepted. So why not sign up and join me on Saturday – it will be fun!

For more details, and to sponsor Birds of Fray, please click here:

On Tuesday 3 May I’ll be taking part in my third and final birdathon of the season when I make an attempt to better the 114 species I photographed last year on my second Photothon. More details about Richard’s Photothon 2011 below…


Please click here to make your pledge!

This spring, birders of all ages and experience levels are joining forces to raise money for Tucson Audubon Society’s conservation and education programs.

Tucson Audubon’s conservation program aims to conserve birds, other wildlife and their habitats throughout southeast ArizonaMore information

The mission of Tucson Audubon’s education program is to help people to understand, enjoy and conserve our natural resources. More information

Every year Tucson Audubon hosts Birdathon, a great way for birders to get involved and have fun whilst raising awareness of the work being done now by Tucson Audubon, and providing valuable funding for the future.

Richard’s Photothon is a little bit different to other birdathons. It doesn’t matter how many I see, the question is: how many bird species can I get an identifiable photo of in one day?

This will be my third Photothon. In 2009 I saw 105 species. Last year I managed 114, which was way more than I expected. You can see them all read about my day here.

In 2010 my generous sponsors raised $1,400. I aim to beat that, which will be tough. I’m also aiming to photograph at least 110 different species in my Phototohon on May 3rd 2011, which will be equally difficult.

So I need your help!

Please join me in supporting Tucson Audubon and help us make this year’s Birdathon the most successful yet! You can sponsor me per species or a set amount of your choice. Your contribution is tax-deductible. Please click on the link below to make your pledge now.

Thank you :D

Richard Fray
Fun Birding Tours

Please click here to make your pledge!


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