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May 28th, 2011
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Continental, Madera Canyon

I spent a pleasant morning birding with Steph and Adam Woods from San Diego (via Chicago and Canberra, Australia, respectively). We didn’t look for the Fan-tailed Warbler but from the reaction of the many birders looking, and from speaking to a few, it seems it had NOT been seen by 11:00 at least. Maybe better news will follow…

Our highlight was undoubtedly an unexpected flyover COMMON BLACK HAWK, seen and photographed soaring over the lower reaches of the Carrie Nation Trail. Could it be one of the birds seen at Patagonia Lake recently? Another raptor, a NORTHERN GOSHAWK, pushed the Black Hawk close for bird of the day. This was much higher up the Carrie Nation Trail. We also saw SWAINSON’S HAWK over the grassland.


Common Black Hawk

We didn’t see or hear a trogon anywhere in the first 1.5 miles uphill, although other birders had seen a male trogon near the second stream crossing. We did find MAGNIFICENT HUMMINGBIRD, ARIZONA WOODPECKER, PLUMBEOUS, HUTTON’S and WARBLING VIREOS, DUSKY-CAPPED and BROWN-CRESTED FLYCATCHERS, SWAINSON’S and HERMIT THRUSH and more of the expected species.


Madera Canyon


Acorn Woodpecker


Acorn Woodpecker


House Wren


Yarrow’s Spiny Lizard

At Continental School, RUFOUS-WINGED SPARROWS were singing along with BLUE GROSBEAK, BELL’S VIREO, HOODED ORIOLE, etc. A BOTTERI’S SPARROW was perched up and visible as we pulled up to the grasslands below Proctor Road. There was also RUFOUS-CROWNED and BLACK-THROATED SPARROWS here, along with a mid-morning LESSER NIGHTHAWK.


Blue Grosbeak



It had been yet another good morning of birding in SE Arizona. I’m so lucky to be able to do this all the time. I keep meeting such nice people, Adam and Steph today and all week with Linda and John, Kelly and Danielle and everyone on the Tucson Audubon trip. Thank you!

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