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July 15th, 2011
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Upcoming Fun Birding Workshops



We’ve still got eight Fun Birding Workshops left this year so why not come along on one of these:

  • July: Hummingbird Specials on Saturday 16 and Sunday 24 July in the Huachuca Mountains. One of the best days of the year! Spaces available.
  • August: Shorebird Challenge on Sunday 7 August at Willcox Twin Lakes. Can we beat last year’s 13 species? Will you be able to identify them all?
  • August: Mixed Flock Special on Saturday 27 August on Mt Lemmon. We’ll find monster mixed flocks of warblers, nuthatches, creepers and more.
  • September: Migration Part 1 on Sunday 18 September along the Santa Cruz River at Tubac. We’ll see a wide range of species as fall migration gets underway.
  • October: Migration Part 2 on Sunday 9 October at San Pedro House. Flycatchers, warblers and more.
  • November: Rarity Chase on Saturday 12 November. We’ll go wherever the latest rare bird sightings take us.
  • December: Winter Raptors on Sunday 4 December at the Santa Cruz Flats. We’ll find a variety of sparrows, thrashers, shorebirds and in particular raptors.

Each workshop costs just $25 for a full day. Spaces are limited to ten per workshop so please book early. Read what birders say about Fun Birding Workshops.


1 comment to Upcoming Fun Birding Workshops

  • Gale Pope

    I live in Phoenix and am interesting in your July 24th workshop. If you have a space available, please send me details of schedule, carpool, etc.

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