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September 15th, 2011
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White Mountains

Elk-Carnero-Lake-11-0914-03Near Carnero Lake I stumbled upon a second group of ELK, these running through an alpine meadow. There were 13 in all with, again, a big, impressive buck at the back, barking commands to his harem. I started the day having never seen an Elk – now I had seen 21! […]

September 12th, 2011
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Paton's Hummingbirds

Broad-billed-Hummingbird-Patons-11-0909-04It turns out, not surprisingly, that having dozens of hummingbirds around the feeder a few feet from your window is quite distracting! Over the past few days I’ve seen six species. These photos are taken through the window, so all things considered they’re pretty decent. […]

September 8th, 2011

Moving to Patagonia

014_14-2-300x174Fun Birding Tours has moved! I now live in the beautiful small town of Patagonia, Arizona. This is just over an hour to the south of Tucson, 14 miles north of the Mexican border. […]

September 6th, 2011

Mt Lemmon

Graces-Warbler-Mt-Lemmon-11-0906-02We started heading back down the mountain and spent a while along the entrance road to Rose Canyon Lake. Finding a GREATER PEWEE, we stopped to look. At last, we found one of Gruff’s targets, when a gorgeous GRACE’S WARBLER appeared at eye level at close range for outstanding views. […]