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November 22nd, 2011
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Talking Naturally Podcast

The USA Episode

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by my friend John Hague if I’d appear on the Talking Naturally Podcast, the number one show about the British birding scene, hosted by Charlie Moores. John is a regular panelist on The Conference Calls, an amusing conversation about the latest topics in British and world birding. I was asked to talk about the differences between the British and American birding scenes, having considerable experience of both.

We recorded the podcast – or is it a program? – and it came out a week ago. Embarrassingly, it’s taken me that long to pluck up the courage to listen to it! But once I’d gotten over hearing my own voice on iTunes, on reflection I think it turned out really well. We had a great laugh recording it and I think that comes across.

So why not listen in? You can hear the program by clicking play on the episode’s web page, or by typing  Talking Naturally into iTunes. I’m on episode TN70, but they’re all well worth a listen.

The Conference Calls are a regular feature of the programs, but Charlie also interviews conservationists from around the world to report on fascinating environmental projects, as well as prominent British and world birding experts. If you enjoy it, bookmark the Talking Naturally Website or subscribe on iTunes so you can become a regular listener. I’ve been a fan of the Talking Naturally podcast for ages and listen every week, usually on my iPod as I head back from a long day of SE Arizona birding.

Hope you enjoy it 😀


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