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February 8th, 2013
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New yard bird #83

I haven’t added a new bird to the Fun Birding Towers yard list since December 13th last year, so I was especially pleased when two PINE SISKINS joined the omnipresent LESSER GOLDFINCHES at the thistle feeder this afternoon. I’ve been looking out for them for ages and was surprised they hadn’t found me until now.


That takes the Fun Birding Towers list up to 83. With spring migration on the way and the possibilities that brings, can I make it to the magic 100 mark inside my first year here in Rio Rico? I’ve got until May 3rd…

2 comments to New Yard Bird #83

  • Hi Richard,

    I’ve enjoyed typing with you recently on the Hummingbird area on Birdforum.

    I just had to comment on how awesome your website is. I’ll be spending hours looking and learning! Incredible photos!!!

    If I can travel to Arizona I know who to contact to go bird watching!

    Couldn’t resist asking… Did you hit the magic 100 with the Fun Birding Towers?

    Thank you for this great resource,


    • Richard

      Hi julieah,
      Thanks! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts on BirdForum. I only got the yard list to 83 last week, so I’ve still got a long way to go for the big 100, but I’m hopeful that I’ll pick up some new birds in March and April as spring migration gets underway. Might be a tall order, but I’ll give it a go…
      All the best, Richard

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