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October 22nd, 2013
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Santa Cruz Flats, Saguaro National Park West

More great birding in the flats, which are south of Eloy.

Santa Cruz Flats:
Two SAGEBRUSH SPARROWS to the southeast of the Sunland Gin Rd x Harmon Rd intersection, a traditional spot for this species
An adult and an immature CRESTED CARACARA near the corral on Buamgartner Rd, west of Wheeler Rd. Another adult along Picacho Highway north of Greene Reservoir Rd
BENDIRE’S THRASHER along Pretzer Rd between Picacho Highway and Sunshine Blvd
Presumably the same OSPREY seen flying and hovering over canals in various locations, and perched on the same pole as last week, alongside the small pond on Tweedy just north of Ellils Rd
PRAIRIE FALCONS in three different locations
No Mountain Plovers, but at least 100 KILLDEER and about 60 LEAST SANDPIPERS at Evergreen Sod Farm
Still a few WESTERN KINGBIRDS around
ROCK WREN and a female WESTERN BLUEBIRD near the corral on Baumgartner Rd just west of Wheeler Rd

Saguaro National Park West:
GILDED FLICKER near the entrance road


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