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Another Heermann’s Gull at Amado Pond

I was lucky enough to find a second-winter HEERMANN’S GULL at Amado Pond in October last year, a rare bird in Arizona. News came through today that Jeff Babson had found another one there, this time a fine breeding-plumage adult. Living about 20 minutes away, it seemed rude not to go and see this rarity, which happens to be my favorite gull in the world.

The gull was quickly located, perched on whatever that speedboat-looking thing is in the middle of the pond (I’m sure it has a name and purpose, but I don’t know either). It was immaculate, the smartest one I’ve seen in Arizona.¬†They are famously one-day wonders in the state, so I’ll see if this one is any different when I pass by tomorrow.

Also present, 11 BRONZED COWBIRDS with the grackle flock, one male and three female BUFFLEHEADS and a couple of LESSER SCAUP.

I got a few fairly horrible images of the gull with my phone, through the scope.

Heerman's Gull [1]

Heerman's Gull [1]