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Fun Birding Mini-Break Day 4

An outstanding end to an outstanding tour, with more great SE Arizona specialty birds for a four-day total of over 150 species!

Ruby Road, west of Nogales:
Juvenile GRAY HAWK near the Calabasas Picnic Area.

Sycamore Canyon:
We heard, but failed to see, an ELEGANT TROGON, although we didn’t go more than a half mile down canyon. The supporting cast included a calling MONTEZUMA QUAIL, GRAY HAWK, YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO, four ‘Azure’ EASTERN BLUEBIRDS (three along nearby Ruby Rd), VARIED BUNTING, and HOODED ORIOLE.

California Gulch:
A couple of FIVE-STRIPED SPARROWS were located before getting to the bottom of Heartbreak Hill. We didn’t go further.

Five-striped Sparrow [1]

Five-striped Sparrow [2]

Five-striped Sparrow [3]

Five-striped Sparrow [4]

Five-striped Sparrow [5]

Oro Blanco Wash, 7 miles southeast of Arivaca:
This nice riparian/mixed area is always birdy, and today was no exception, with GRAY HAWK, NORTHERN BEARDLESS-TYRANNULET, LUCY’S WARBLER, a couple of singing CASSIN’S SPARROWS on the adjacent grassland, VARIED BUNTING, and HOODED ORIOLE.

Cassin's Sparrow [6]

Amado Pond:
Same as yesterday, including the BANK SWALLOW.

Santa Rita Lodge, Madera Canyon:
A/the PLAIN-CAPPED STARTHROAT was more cooperative for our group today, showing well on the right side of the feeder on the gift shop deck (its favorite feeder port) after about 20 minutes of tense searching.

Plain-capped Starthroat [7]

Plain-capped Starthroat [8]

Plain-capped Starthroat [9]

Proctor Road, Madera Canyon:
A juvenile SCREECH-OWL roosting awkwardly on a tree limb, being mobbed by all and sundry, provided an ID conundrum. I suspect it was a WHISKERED, despite the low elevation, but I’ll have to study my photos and ask opinions for a final ID, if it’s even possible.

Probable Whiskered Screech-Owl [10]

My grateful thanks to four wonderful participants for a highly enjoyable and successful Fun Birding Tour!