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November 29th, 2014
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New Yard Bird, #95

I just had my first new yard bird since the spring, a fine LARK BUNTING which popped up on the wall for a couple of minutes and dropped down to feed by the flower border. It’s always nice to get a new yard bird, but especially satisfying to have one actually inside the walled portion of the yard, and not just a distant flyover.

It’s not exactly the prime habitat for Lark Bunting here, a species which prefers grassland and agricultural areas, but I suspected I might get one in a ‘good’ year for this irruptive species, as my desert scrub is a secondary habitat for Lark Bunting. So, while it’s pleasing, it’s not entirely unexpected, as there have been lots of Lark Buntings around so far this winter.

My new camera batteries and charger have arrived, and I was able to get this acceptable record shot through my less-than-clean kitchen window.

Lark Bunting


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