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Tufted Flycatcher

With Steve Nesbitt, I hiked the two miles up Ramsey Canyon to see the rare TUFTED FLYCATCHER. It didn’t disappoint.

Tufted Flycatcher [1]

Tufted Flycatcher [2]

Tufted Flycatcher [3]

Tufted Flycatcher [4]

Tufted Flycatcher [5]

The bird has a nest. There has been talk of a pair being present, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Tufted Flycatcher [6]

It should be noted that, while it doesn’t sound far, this is a VERY tough, steep, rocky hike, with a 600 feet elevation rise over the second half mile. It is not for everyone. After about a mile, there is a scenic overlook with spectacular views. Further up canyon, the creek is flowing and the canyon is really gorgeous.

Ramsey Canyon [7]

Ramsey Canyon [8]

Ramsey Canyon [9]

Ramsey Canyon [10]

Birders at Ramsey Canyon [11]

On the hike back down, I had another one of those ‘London buses’ moments. You wait your whole life to see a SONORAN MOUNTAIN KINGSNAKE, and then see two in nine days.

Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake [12]

Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake [13]

Other birds in the canyon included ELEGANT TROGON, SULPHUR-BELLIED FLYCATCHER and RED-FACED WARBLER. We didn’t find the Flame-colored Tanager.

Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher [14]