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Sulphur Springs Valley

What a nice way to spend Christmas Eve, birding and photographing our way around the Sulphur Springs Valley.

Kansas Settlement:

One of the regular wintering FERRUGINOUS HAWKS along Arzberger Rd was particularly cooperative today.

Ferruginous Hawk [1]

Ferruginous Hawk [2]

Ferruginous Hawk [3]

Ferruginous Hawk [4]

Faira Diary Pond:

A couple of WESTERN GREBES on the pond were the only notable birds, but we did accidentally flush an unseen roosting BARN OWL from the pines, which pitched up in the barn over the road looking annoyed. Sorry!

Western Grebes [5]

Barn Owl [6]

The Granites:

This beautiful area in the foothills of the Swisshelm Mountains east of Elfrida is a good spot for Black-chinned Sparrow, but we couldn’t find them today. We did add quite a few species of this rocky slope habitat, including MONTEZUMA QUAIL.

The Granites [7]

W Grants Rd, near McNeal:

There were at least seven SAGEBRUSH SPARROWS in the small patch of sagebrush habitat north of Coffman Rd, and a showy BENDIRE’S THRASHER nearby.

Sagebrush Sparrow [8]

Sagebrush Sparrow [9]

Sagebrush Sparrow [10]

Bendire's Thrasher [11]

Bendire's Thrasher [12]

Brewer's Sparrows [13]

Whitewater Draw:

The SANDHILL CRANE show was the best I’ve seen this winter.

Sandhill Cranes [14]

Sandhill Cranes [15]

Sandhill Cranes [16]

Sandhill Cranes [17]

The YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD roost was almost as good.

Yellow-headed Blackbird [18]

Yellow-headed Blackbirds [19]

Yellow-headed Blackbirds [20]

Whitewater Draw is such a great place, especially late afternoon. I love it!

Great Blue Heron [21]

Northern Harriers [22]

Whitewater Draw [23]

Whitewater Draw [24]

Whitewater Draw [25]