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March 9th, 2016
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Tubac Hawk Watch

A fine morning of birding around Tubac, taking in the Anza Trail, the famous hawk watch, and Rock Corral Canyon.

Anza Trail, Tubac:

Before the hawk watch got into full swing, we took a stroll along the Anza Trail, finding plenty of BROAD-BILLED HUMMINGBIRDS, GRAY FLYCATCHER, ABERT’S TOWHEE, LARK and LINCOLN’S SPARROWS, a ‘MOUNTAIN’ subspecies WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW, and PINE SISKIN.

Ron Morriss Park, Tubac:

The main attraction for Tubac hawk watchers is COMMON BLACK HAWK, and it didn’t take long to see a couple heading north. We also watched as TURKEY and BLACK VULTURES, SHARP-SHINNED and COOPER’S HAWKS, and a PEREGRINE FALCON passed overhead.

Birders at the Tubac hawk watch


Rock Corral Canyon:

We only made a brief visit to this lovely little canyon, concentrating on the area around the corral and unofficial campsite, finding GREATER ROADRUNNER, COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRD, VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW, BLACK-TAILED GNATCATCHER, HERMIT THRUSH, GREEN-TAILED TOWHEE, and RUFOUS-WINGED SPARROW.

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher

Black-tailed Gnatcatcher

Rock Corral Canyon


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  • Nancy Nelson

    I am a member of the Tubac Rotary Club. We have speakers each week so we can learn more about the area, and all things related to the Tubac area. I would like to have a speaker for the Rotary Club on Friday, September September 23. Our meetings are at the Tubac Golf Resort, Stables at 8:00.
    Speakers generally discuss the topic, have a slide show, tell about the economic 8mpact on the area.. if you are available to speak or have a recommendation for a speaker, please let me know.
    Nancy Nelson

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