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May 25th, 2016
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Peña Blanca Canyon Fire – Good News?!

This news was just posted on the AZ/NM listserv by Alan Schmierer:

“I walked the first two miles of Pena Blanca Canyon this morning to see what damage it had from the La Sierra Fire:

  • The lake is open again to the public.
  • The fire is essentially out, with just an occasional smoking stump/log.
  • The north part of the canyon, from Ruby Road to the farthest point one can drive, has intermittent damage on both sides, but sparing of most of the trees and much of the canyon floor vegetation.
  • South from the last point one may drive, the slopes are pretty much 100% spared. The entire stretch where Rufous-capped Warblers have been seen in the last year or so was spared on both slopes!!! Trogons were at 3 locations.”

Hooray! I will try to get in there in the next few days…

Mexican Jay, Peña Blanca Canyon

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