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Green Valley, Nogales, Patagonia, Las Cienegas

A cold but delightful day of birding in Pima and Santa Cruz Counties.

Green Valley:

The desert was alive with birds, despite the low temperature, and we encountered most of the typical desert species, including COOPER’S HAWK, WHITE-WINGED DOVE, ANNA’S and COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRDS, CACTUS WREN, BLACK-TAILED GNATCATCHER, PHAINOPEPLA, and RUFOUS-WINGED SPARROW.

Phainopepla [1]

Rufous-winged Sparrows [2]

Rufous-winged Sparrow [3]

Verdin [4]

Amado Pond:

The usual stuff was augmented by BUFFLEHEAD, NEOTROPIC CORMORANT, and nice views of a feeding WILSON’S SNIPE.


Both BLACK and TURKEY VULTURES were flying about.

Tucson Audubon’s Paton Center, Patagonia:

A SHARP-SHINNED HAWK flew by as we arrived, so it took a while for the birds to return to the feeders. When they did, we enjoyed close views of WHITE-WINGED and INCA DOVES, BRIDLED TITMOUSE, GREEN-TAILED and ABERT’S TOWHEES, LINCOLN’S SPARROW, PYRRHULOXIA, PINE SISKIN, and a couple of smart male LAZULI BUNTINGS. One of the group saw an unusual lower-elevation ARIZONA WOODPECKER along the creek beyond the house.

Bridled Titmouse [5]

Green-tailed Towhee [6]

Lazuli Bunting [7]

Lazuli Bunting [8]

White-winged Dove [9]

Arizona Gray Squirrel [10]


A brilliant male VERMILION FLYCATCHER was popular as ever.

Las Cienegas:

A drive throught the grasslands produced a nice group of PRONGHORN, plus NORTHERN HARRIER, PRAIRIE FALCON, LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE, and plenty of BREWER’S, VESPER and SAVANNAH SPARROWS.

Red-tailed Hawk [11]

Western Meadowlark [12]

Pronghorn [13]

Pronghorn [14]

Las Cienegas [15]

Las Cienegas [16]

Greaterville Rd / Box Canyon Rd / Madera Canyon Rd:

Driving over the pass at dusk we saw three GREAT HORNED OWLS and two BARN OWLS to end the day on a pleasing note.

Great Horned Owl [17]