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Peña Blanca Canyon, Palo Duro Creek GC, Paton Center, Las Cienegas

A very pleasant day in mostly Santa Cruz County, despite strong winds and overcast skies.

Peña Blanca Canyon:

It was nice to see so much water running through the canyon, but it made it hard to hike and it was unusually cold and quiet. Looked good, though.


Palo Duro Creek GC:

A female HOODED MERGANSER was among the more regular winter ducks, while a WILSON’S SNIPE flushed from the water’s edge.

Paton Center, Patagonia:

Despite the backyard being closed for construction, the available feeders were busy and we enjoyed close views of WHITE-WINGED and INCA DOVES, several male ANNA’S HUMMINGBIRDS fighting over the feeders, ABERT’S TOWHEES, and a couple of PINE SISKINS.

Abert's Towhee [2]

Abert's Towhee [3]

Gambel's Quail [4]

Inca Dove [5]

Inca Dove [6]

Ladder-backed Woodpecker [7]

Ladder-backed Woodpecker [8]

White-breasted Nuthatch [9]

White-breasted Nuthatch [10]

White-breasted Nuthatch [11]

White-winged Dove [12]

Las Cienegas:

Not surprisingly, the grasslands were hard work in the afternoon in strong winds, but we did see plenty of NORTHERN HARRIERS whizzing by, as well as COYOTE and BLACK-TAILED PRAIRIE-DOG.

Cottonwood Pond, Las Cienegas [13]

American Kestrel [14]

Black-tailed Prairie-Dog [15]

Coyote [16]

Vesper Sparrow [17]