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Sprague’s Pipit

A good morning in the Santa Cruz Flats, finding some target species and missing others.

The highlight was excellent close views of a SPRAGUE’S PIPIT in the fields of short grass east of Evergreen Sod Farm.

Sprague's Pipit [1]

Sprague's Pipit [2]

Sprague's Pipit [3]

A RED-BREASTED MERGANSER with a flock of COMMON MERGANSERS was a nice find on a canal at Evergreen Sod Farm, but unfortunately brief as the flock immediately took off and flew far away. A couple of DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANTS and three GREAT EGRETS were also in the area.

26 CRESTED CARACARAS were in the fields at Baumgartner Rd x Cripple Creek Rd.

Crested Caracaras [4]

Crested Caracaras [5]

Both BENDIRE’S THRASHER and SAGEBRUSH SPARROW were found north of Harmon Rd.

Also in the area, BLACK and TURKEY VULTURES, NORTHERN HARRIER, MERLIN, LEAST SANDPIPER, WHITE-WINGED DOVE, BURROWING OWL, PRAIRIE FALCON, loads of HORNED LARKS and AMERICAN PIPITS, and LARK BUNTING. We didn’t find Mountain Plover, Rufous-backed Robin or Ruddy Ground-Dove, but we didn’t have much time to look.

Merlin [6]