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Arizona Birding Guide Testimonials

What people say about birding with Richard Fray

Reviews from TripAdvisor:

Amazing birding tour
“Richard Fray is an amazing bird watching guide for Southeast Arizona in the Tucson area. My wife and daughter spent two days with Richard exploring the species of the mountains and canyons in the Tucson area. They saw over 150 species of birds and enjoyed the amazing natural beauty of this area. Richard is a very flexible guide who adapts his guiding style to the client’s. Besides the birds, he is highly knowledgeable of the area and its natural attractions. My wife and daughter had completed a number of bird watching trips, but this was by far the most amazing one. And they give a great amount of credit for this to Richard.”
– Modeler9, Washington D.C.

Birding Sun up till Sun down in Southern Arizona With Richard Fray
“We booked this tour on-line not knowing what to expect. We are avid birders in the North East and needed a guide to help us find and identify the birds of the South West and Richard Fray did not disappoint. As promised he met us at sunrise and found and identified birds as we drove through southern Arizona till sundown. We only stopped because the sun went down. Richard is enthusiastic and knowledgeable birder.”
– Gershwin12, New York

Reviews from Facebook:

“Richard is a very personable tour guide of exceptional knowledge of the wildlife and their habitats of SE Arizona. Don’t be fooled by his somewhat unassuming easy going style. He lives to bird. He’s well organized, punctual, and adaptable to your needs and desires; a consummate professional guide in every way. He has extensive knowledge of the area, the birds and their calls we encountered. During our trip with him we saw or heard virtually all the species of birds we had hoped to encounter and more on our trip to multiple birding locations. And we didn’t see another birder all day! Needless to say we highly recommend.”
– Grover and Vicki, Washington

“Wow! What a fantastic birding trip on Thursday, 4/29/21 with Richard! Highlights included the first reported US eBird sighting of 2021 of a Five-striped sparrow, and a male Montezuma Quail. Many life bird species for us. Richard is a talented birder, both by eye and ear, and full of fun tales and facts. Thanks, Richard!”
– George & Jen, Arizona

“My husband and I spent the entire day, sunup to well past sundown, with Richard and enjoyed every minute! He is an extremely knowledgeable and patient guide – we saw a ton of desert and canyon species, including Gilded Flicker and a very intimate encounter with an Elegant Trogon, and also learned much about Arizona birds and wildlife in the process. Highly recommend his guiding services! Thanks again, Richard!”
– Jasmine & David, California

“Great Birder and guide. We had a great time and found more lifers than I had ever thought possible, thanks to Richards knowledge and skill. We will see you again some day. Thanks so much!!!!”
– Dab, Canada

“We’ve birded with Richard several times over the last 4.5 years. Every trip has been an excellent experience – with us benefiting from Richard’s thorough knowledge of the birds (and bird locations) in SE Arizona.”
– Elizabeth, North Carolina

“Richard Fray is an exceptional tour guide. His knowledge of hundreds of bird calls and identification is amazing, and such an easy going, lovely chap. I would thoroughly recommend him.”
– Louis, England

“Richard got us about 40 new species in just 3 days.”
– Denise, Alabama

Reviews from Google Business:

“Richard is the bird whisperer of Southeast Arizona. Highly in tune with birds and their characteristics and knows where to find them and how to flush them out. He was a great tour guide and we shall use him again in the future.”
– Linda M

Reviews from AZ-Birding/WINGS:

“Richard was an excellent guide, with knowledge of herps, plants, and butterflies, which enhanced our experience.”
– Allen & Nancy, Michigan

“Great trips out in the field! Organized and fun, got to see a lot.”
– Griffin, Connecticut

“Richard was congenial and very knowledgeable. I had a very pleasant day.”
– Bill, Maryland

“Richard, the guide, was fabulous. He made sure I saw many of the species I wanted to see, plus others he thought I would like. We went to many different areas to see 65 different species. He is very knowledgeable and gave me quite a bit of information about each species. He also took pictures of everything we saw. I received the bird list several hours after the trip was over. I would definitely hire him again if I go back to Arizona.”
– Karen, Seattle

Genuine, unsolicited emails:

“I can’t thank you enough for a truly memorable day. This weekend will be hard to top and definitely one I will cherish. I saw every bird I wanted and more! I am sincerely grateful for your vast knowledge, handy spotting skills, but mostly for your easy-going spirit and your patience! THANK YOU very much!”
– Misty, Arizona

“Again our many many thanks for such a marvelous birding day. Though we couldn’t stray too far from the vehicle we did indeed hit almost 70 sightings, thanks to your wonderful spotting, luring and guidance. We loved every minute of it and thought about it all day. Your entry in your blog today showed us that you are not only a super guide and great company, as well as a safe driver through the washes, but a much better photographer than you say you are. Thank you so very much for all your efforts to make our time with you a fabulous experience.”
– Liz & Gene, Michigan

“We had such a fantastic time because of all your help. We can’t thank you enough for making our very short trip so full of fun and so satisfying. We felt that we had been thoroughly spoiled by all your help with identifying birds, looking through the scope, as well as the pictures you took.”
– Linda & John, Orange County, California

“Richard: We are so grateful for the wonderful birding outings we have had with you. Not only have we added to our lifelists, but we have had some great birding experiences and learned to become better birders. You have an amazing capacity to recognize birds in an instant — whether from a half-second of viewing or hearing a bird-call. Thank you for sharing that talent with us.”
– Pauline & Jim, Oklahoma

“Thanks again for another great experience in Arizona. The verdict was unanimous; you did a magnificent job showing us the rare and hard to find winter birds in southeastern Arizona. After we left you, we found 23 Mountain Plovers, and 600+ American Pipits just where you said they would be.”
– Steve, John, John & Jim, Florida

“Richard, can’t thank you enough for the fabulous birding day! Steve and I were amazed at the birds, scenery and your guiding skills! I will definitely contact you in the near future when I return to SE Arizona. We also thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you. Fun birding, indeed! I really appreciate the ebird lists and your quick response. I’ve met a few people at Casa de San Pedro who birded with you and shared their highest compliments of their days with you. Needless to say, Steve and I are also singing your praises to all who ask for guides.”
– Diane & Steve, Oregon

“Thanks for the quick response with the lists – far more exacting and nicely done than anything that we usually have.  I want to take this opportunity to again thank you for a great day and to say that we both felt that you were at the top of your birding game.  We would certainly recommend your services to anyone else travelling through the area.”
– Nancy & Tom, Indiana

“Thank you once again for one of the finest birding experience in my life. I have birded with a good number of birders, and you were the best!! I so appreciated it. And your expertise of the area made it very interesting for my “non-birder” husband. Today I finished entering all of my Arizona birds to my life list. I am pleased to say I now have over 500 species recorded, thanks to your nice checklist. I had about 55 species with most of them “lifers”. I love the photos that you sent as well. I have praised your services to anyone that will listen!!”
– Wyleen and Clark, Wisconsin

“Whoo-hoo, what a great day with you yesterday! You were responsible for three new lifers/ticks. More importantly, you taught us a lot of distinctions between common and not-so-common species, and for that we’re grateful. Also appreciate the advice about what to do over here. Thanks for being such a great teacher and companion and putting up with us all day! Indeed, we’ll be back and will certainly love to explore more with you in the future.”
– Erica & Mike, Washington

“We had a fantastic day yesterday! We have been talking about it all day today as a matter of fact. From the birds to the scenery to the company, it couldn’t have been more pleasant.”
– Allison, South Carolina

“You have a special talent, hard-won I suspect all your life, and made the day work beyond our expectations. May our birding paths cross again…”
– Bill, Canada

“Richard, it was the best weekend I have had in a long time. I am amazed that we saw/heard so many wonderful birds. Thanks so much for your amazing talent in identifying so many birds. I had a great time.”
– Diane, Tucson

“Thanks for the pics and list. We are so glad we spent the morning with you and had the good fortune to hook up with the best birding guide in the area.”
– Mary Ann & Larry, New York

“Thanks again, Richard. Kim and I thoroughly enjoyed birding with you and are more firmly convinced that you are indeed a very gifted “Bird Whisperer”. It was a lot of fun and you taught us a lot about birds, plants, mammals, geography, etc. of this special part of the world.”
– Steve & Kim, Tubac AZ

“First, thanks so much, Richard, for guiding me. It was truly one of the best experiences I have had in Southeast Arizona over the years. Your guidance, good nature, and patient explanations to my questions made it a superb experience. Your special Broad-billed Hummingbird nest at Tubac was a terrific surprise. Of course, thanks for the Rose-throated Becard and wow, a Green Kingfisher at Rio Rico! Many thanks again Richard!”
– Jeff, California

“Thank you for sending me the eBird Reports from Friday’s highly enjoyable day of birding. Much appreciated. Coming from a fully-fledged naturalist, I really appreciated hearing your numerous insights into the natural history of such an ecologically-rich adopted home as yours. Huge thanks to you, Richard.”
– Ric, Iowa

” Thank you for a wonderful day. I had a great time–all those birds were wonderful, especially of course the Becard. You have an amazing gift–I am very jealous!! I look forward to birding with you again in the not-too-distant future.”
– Brendan, Ontario, Canada

“I highly recommend Richard both as an excellent guide and a thoughtful, kind, and helpful person. He is tops in my book.”
– Rose, Montana

“Richard, Thanks for a memorable birding experience. We were thrilled to have seen so many uncommon species during our day and evening tours with you as guide. You took us to so many fabulous places that we would have never known about otherwise. I think you also helped the three of us, as birders of modest attainment, reach the next level. I also appreciate that you took the time to explain the border situation, and helped us to understand what’s at stake.”
– Linda, Fort Worth, Texas

“We had a fantastic trip! Thanks for sharing your amazing spots – and your amazing eyes and ears – with us. Would love to do it again sometime. I’ll share the lists with our crew.”
– Brent, Tucson AZ

“Thanks Richard. I had a wonderful time, fantastic birding with better than expected lifers count. Thanks again for your guidance, best of luck and will definitely let you know if I plan another trip to Arizona.”
– Bilal, San Fransisco

“We were all very pleased with our first experience of hiring a birding guide. Thanks for a great experience. We’ll be sure to do it again.”
– John, Stan & Mike, Boston MA

“Richard, I am still excited! Thanks for the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you for the extraordinary extra follow up of lists and pictures. YOU ARE THE BEST!”
– Jon & Twila, California

“Our outing with you was one of the highlights of the trip. We will call upon you again if we make it to southern Arizona.”
– Learden, Pasadena CA

“Thanks Richard. I had a really great day birding. Bringing in the mob of birds with the owl call was a delight. I have already talked to my wife about owling next year. She would like to come as well. Again thanks for a delightful day. It was everything I had hoped for.”
– Dave, Las Cruces, NM

“Thank you Richard for a wonderful day of birding. I was so happy to see the Montezuma Quail. An added bonus. I did go online and read exactly what you had told us about them… they don’t migrate and stay in 50 hectare zone and their large feet are used to find tubers. Once again thank you. You are just the best.”
– Mary & Frank, Arizona/Washington

“Thanks for your detailed eBird reports. I have finally updated my files and at this point I have recorded 89 new species for my life list! I would never have had this many without your expertise. I really enjoyed the days spent in the field with you and my fellow “Arizona Birders”. You did make it fun. I will recommend you to anyone I know that may be interested in a SE Arizona trip. The walks back into the canyons for the Rufous-capped Warbler, the Elegant Trogon and the drives up to the top of Mt. Lemmon and the Carr Canyon area are moments I will always reflect on. Thanks again, and good birding.”
– Fritz, PA

“Well done. Enjoyed our outing, especially your Eco approach and combination of keen eye/ear/habitat awareness.  Look forward to April doing some owl hunts! Will share with Audubon folks in KC.”
– Jack, Missouri

“Thanks for a truly memorable day. I’ll sing your praises when I’ve recovered! The late show Buff-collared Nightjar will live with me forever!!!”
– Alan, England

“For my birthday, Deborah gave me a most excellent gift! A “Big Day” with renowned local bird guide Richard Fray. The final total for me was 143 different species, setting a new personal best for one day. Thank you so much Richard Fray for your friendship and expertise. And thank you Deborah for such a thoughtful gift! It was probably the most full and fun day of birding of my life.”
Dave, Phoenix AZ

“We just got home, & got your email. Thanks so much for a fun day out with the birds, we saw and heard a great deal that we wouldn’t have found on our own. And we both really enjoyed your company and bubbly commentary. Next time we head your way, we’ll definitely give you a call, and meanwhile recommend you to any of our birding friends heading down to Arizona. Thanks again.”
– Tony & Renee, Caliofornia
“Thank you again! I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed you guiding us that day.”
Brad, Michigan

“We had a wonderful day birding with you! Seeing the rare birds and picking your brain for your extensive bird knowledge was awesome. Thanks again for a memorable day!”
– Kathy & Mike, Pennsylvania

“I’m glad I had you take me to CA Gulch. You’re an inspiration; I’m proud of you for living your dream.”
– Rebecca, Wisconsin

“We miss you already :). Thanks again for an amazing day of birding and delightful company. Write that book!”
– Shilpa, Rana, Deet & Mallika, Pennsylvania

“Thanks again for two awesome days birding – the list is great, thanks for providing a very professional service and enjoyable time!”
– Darryl, Australia

“Thank you for a spectacular morning–and for the photos and links you sent. The time spent with you was one of the highlights of our time in Arizona.”
– Paul, Ohio

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We had a fabulous time. The list looks really complete to us – and surprising and how many species we saw. See you next time!”
– Sherry, Ken, Mary Lou and David, Michigan

“We were very pleased with the day, even with the tiring heat of June! I expected to only get a few more new birds for the year, but that was not the case. Not only did we get the target birds, but many others we had missed, including several life birds for me. We also saw a lot of places, thanks to you, that we were not aware of. We would certainly recommend you to anyone coming here and hope to work with you again next year or beyond.”
– Gary & Eugenia, California

“Once again, I repeat, I have never had an unfun birding day with you. Yesterday was wonderful. Turns out the Short-eared Owl and the McCown’s Longspur were lifers for me. I love the workshop format, I learned a lot and I’m reviewing the materials you gave us. I don’t see anything that isn’t helpful, in fact, I think it’s more useful than my field guides.”
– Jenise, Tucson

“I added 32 birds to my life list while in Arizona – spectacular! I also learned a whole lot about being a better birder so thanks for that. We both had a great time and we hope to stay in touch. I’m looking forward to the pictures.”
– Kelly & Danielle, Vancouver, Washington

“I wanted to thank you for such a special day. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and friendliness made for a delightful day of birding. What a treat! Hope we can do it again sometime.”
– Cheryl & Laura, Georgia

“Thank you very much for the wonderful birding excursion today. Great day by any measure. Lot of birds, lots of fun. Couldn’t ask for more.”
– George, Oregon

“Thank you for sending the list of birds we encountered. The sheer number and variety was certainly more than I had expected.  What a great way to spend a day! Not only were the birds incredible, we both felt like we were more confident and knowledgeable in identifying what had previously been unknown or unfamiliar. Suffice it to say, we had a fantastic time and I will contact you to schedule another trip.”
– Amanda & Summer, Alaska

“Thanks so much for a fantastic birding experience. The trip lived up to all my expectations. I may return to Arizona later this year. If so, I’ll definitely hire you again. Thanks again.”
– Steve, CA

“I really enjoyed the day. It was very fun to bird with you. I got 23 lifers and 24 new US birds during the weekend and I am very satisfied with the whole weekend. I will most certainly contact you again if I visit the area again.”
– Hans, Sweden

“Thanks again for a wonderful day of birding. It was great to bird with you again! We got the pictures through eBird and they are fabulous! Thank you so much!”
– Sherry, Ken, MaryLou & David, Michigan

“Thank you again for a wonderful day of birding. We got 10 life birds today and 55 state birds! Pretty sweet! It was really fun getting to know you. May you continue to enjoy your job/vocation and may you prosper as you share the wonders of birding with others.”
– Craig & Dale, Arkansas

“Just wanted to thank you again for the great day of birding with you. I appreciated not only your knowledge and expertise, but also your relaxed attitude and sense of humor. Birding is supposed to be fun, after all. Total of 8 new birds for the trip, exceeding my expectations. If I run across anyone looking for a guide I’ll certainly recommend you.”
– Tim, Ohio

“We really appreciated the two days of great birding with you. Steve and I enjoyed the company and conversation and seeing/hearing some wonderful birds in your neck of the woods!! Also, thanks for the list of observations, it was helpful.”
– Tom, Colorado

“We have had such a good time with you and appreciate all the additions to our life-list.”
– Jim & Pauline, Oklahoma

“Thanks again for my “big day” in AZ.  It’s been a long time since I have seen so many new birds.”
– Rock Star Brian, Chicago

“Thank you very much for the prompt checklist and for the great day!  We had such a fun time and I really appreciate your efforts in getting me 3 new life birds.”
– Susan, San Francisco

“Thanks again for a great day, and a life bird, the Five-striped Sparrow!”
– Allen, Michigan

“I really enjoyed today’s Fun birding workshop. I always learn a lot from you, as you take great care to point out the field marks and sounds of the birds, and share any tidbits of knowledge about their behavior that you have. Life bird today – woohoo!”
– Marcee, Tucson, Arizona

“What a fun day. Thanks again for being such a great guide and your wealth of information about the birds and their environment. My hat is off to you for being able to detect the birds by their song – even while driving along the road!”
– Susan, Green Valley, Arizona

“Richard, now that we’re back home I want to take a minute to tell you how much we enjoyed spending the day with you last week. Your knowledge and enthusiasm were impressive and infectious.”
– Brett, California

“I’ve made a number of people jealous after describing how much fun (and how many birds) we had.”
– Jenise, Tucson, Arizona

“I am so impressed by our bird count!! There were so many wonderful sightings. You are a terrific guide and I will spread the word to my bird watching friends that you are an amazing resource.”
– Peggy, New York

“We loved!!! birding with you last week and hope to do many more trips with you in the future. Is it always your practice to offer so much teaching? That was marvelous!”
– Aviva, Tucson, Arizona

“I had a great day! You were awesome and fun. Thanks for the list and the photos!”
– Clayton, New York

“Wow, quite fantastic. Thanks again, and hope for a follow-up trip soon.”
– Ed, Tucson, Arizona

“What a wonderful day we had yesterday. Both of us are in awe of your knowledge. And 90 species!!!!! Again, many, many thanks for a fantastic day!”
– Leslie & Larry, Colorado

“We had an awesome day and learned a lot! Have a whole new appreciation of sparrows. Thank you.”
– Debbie, Ontario, Canada

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for a wonderful day of birding. I appreciate all the effort you put into finding as many species as possible for us that day. If I hear of anyone needing a guide for SE Arizona I will pass your name along and tell them you are the man.”
– Terry, Ohio

“Thanks again for a lovely couple of days of birding! Both Zak and I had a great time, and we are definitely better birders now.”
– Loren & Zak, California

“Thanks much, Richard! You gave us a fantastic birding day and we really appreciated all your knowledge and the beautiful places you took us to. Hope we cross paths in the future.”
– Eileen & Mary, Tucson/San Francisco

“Thank you for a great day! I learned so much! I’m definitely hooked and want to keep learning. Thanks, you’re a fantastic leader!”
– Sierra, Marana, Arizona

“Great day today!! Mary and I really enjoyed the birding and your good cheer and expertise. Thanks for helping me check off a few more birds on my life list!”
– Sue, Missouri

“Thanks for everything – I had a great time on Saturday and appreciate all the e-bird lists and photos. I’ll be sure to contact you next time I am in Southern Arizona!”
– Libby, Virginia

“Thanks Richard. We very much enjoyed our time with you yesterday.”
– Wendy & Chris, Saskatchewan, Canada

“Thanks for a fabulous birding trip this morning to Sweetwater! I counted about 12 new species for me, at least! I am looking forward to next year.”
– Anne, Pennsylvania

“We had a great weekend and you were a large part of the fun.”
– Marianne, Massachusetts

“Thanks for today. I had a great time. I’m a bit of a lapsed birder so this was my ‘getting back into it’ trip.”
– Leslie, Tucson, Arizona

“I had a great day!! Thanks for making it special and being such a great guide! I love having the homework and the challenge of finding as many as we can on the list.”
– Susan, Green Valley, Arizona

“It’s always fun to have a rarity but even without one I would have enjoyed yesterday. It’s amazing how Richard attracts such nice people who are so much fun to bird with. Thank you.”
– Jenise, Tucson, Arizona

“Thanks Richard. It really was fun. Looking forward to seeing lots more birds. Can’t wait for the pictures!!!”
– Ruth & David, Washington, D.C.

“Just wanted to thank you again for a lovely adventure and many good birds. Joan had over 40 lifers, and I had 5. Cynthia isn’t a lister, but has lots of great pix, which makes her happy. You know your birds and where to find them, we were all very pleased.”
– Laurie, Joan & Cynthia, Buffalo NY

“Thank you for a great day. I doubt I would have found either the Gnatcatcher or the Wren without you. Also thank you for the the pictures, they brought back good memories. I would recommend you to others heading your way.”
– Tim, Colorado

“Fantastic birding in SE Arizona! 103 Species in one day, 20+ lifers. Big thanks to guide extraordinare Richard Fray!”
– Glenn, Utah

“Well THAT sure worked out, huh? You are a great leader and I had so much fun getting to know you a little and the birds a lot. What a huge treat to see 5 Mississippi Kites. Wow! And everything else there. So great.”
– Gary, Tucson, Arizona

“Once again thanks for a BRILLIANT couple of days. I can only reiterate just how much we enjoyed it. You worked so hard yesterday and really did a fantastic job.”
– Allen & Pam, England

“Wanted to touch base with you since we’ve finally gotten back home.  Lots of incredible birding opportunities in your part of the country. That really was a marvelous day of birding. We ended up with ~125-130 life birds for the trip. Thanks again for a great day.”
– Elizabeth & Dick, North Carolina

“We really enjoyed the time with you.”
– Karen & Neill, Little Rock, Arkansas

“We had a wonderful time. I hope we can take a trip with you next time we go to Tucson.”
– Jean & Ryan, Thousand Oaks, California

“What a great bunch of fun and interest birding was, I’m still amazed at your knowledge, R, but even more at your gracious hospitality. J & J had a super time too.”
– Ed, Tucson, Arizona

“Had a great time with you and picked up another life bird I wasn’t looking for, which is even more fun! Thanks again for a great day!”
– Steve, Denver

“Great birding with you yesterday. I learned a lot and was so impressed with your eyes and ears! I will highly recommend you. Again, magnificent day with you! Thanks so much!”
– Sandy, NY

“Thank you! We had a blast! :)”
– Steph & Adam, San Diego, Calif

“We did thoroughly enjoy the day! Your pictures are great! The hawk is fantastic!”
– Pam, Scottsdale/New York

“Thank you again for our trip. You’ve completely inspired me. I’ve gotten my field guide, and I’ve been much more involved even with the birds in my backyard. I’ll have to send you some recent photos, because I still can’t tell one hummingbird from the next!”
– Sierra, Marana, Arizona

“Thanks for a great day Saturday. Finding a rarity with you was pretty exciting. I hope we will get the chance to bird with you again. I will recommend your guiding services to my birding friends.”
– Marianne & Peter, Massachusetts

“Richard, the photos are fantastic! You are as skilled in photography as you are in birding and guiding. I am impressed and have bragged about you and our fantastic week. Thank you so very much for a wonderful week and great company. Glad to hear that your touring schedule is full, keep up the good work.”
– Norman, Scottsdale Arizona

“Thank you for the list and for the last two days of birding.  It was fun.  I had a great time.  Good luck with your business, and I will be sure to recommend you to any of my friends who are looking for a guide in southeast Arizona.”
– Doug, Missouri

“It was a really good day. Thanks!”
– Carol, Connecticut

“So many thanks again for the fascinating birding adventure. Keep doing what you do so well”
– Martin, New Jersey

“Had a great time yesterday. Love those Sparrows. Thanks so much!”
– Diane, Green Valley, Arizona

“Thanks, Richard. Twenty-one new life birds!”
– Congressman Jim, Pennsylvania

“Richard, thanks for a great day. When I got home and entered the data in my database, I realized I had 8 lifers. Cool. Thanks again for a great morning.”
– Peter, Seattle

“Thanks for all your knowledge and expertise. It was a great 2 days. I came away from Arizona with 18 new life birds. I think that the Zone-tailed Hawk had to be the highlight. It would not have been possible to have a better look. We both appreciated your willingness to find the birds on my list and also your eagerness to not just find the birds but to work to have good looks so that they are painted in our memories. Thanks again.”
– Ben, South Carolina

“Thanks for a great day.”
– Craig & Evelyn, Ontario, Canada

“What a great bit of fun!! And you are a great guide – really.”
– Ed, Tucson, Arizona

“Thanks again for all your help. I had a blast!”
– Kaarin, North Carolina

“Do you remember the Botteri’s Sparrow at Patagonia Lake not too long ago? I loved that song. Well, today I was driving out of our subdivision when I heard a Botteri’s Sparrow across the street.  What a treat! First, to know about the Botteri’s Sparrow, and then to recognize his song – all due to you. I love it!!! Thanks so very much. You made my day!!! :D”
– Susan, Green Valley, Arizona

“Thank you once more for an excellent and eventful day at the birds. We saw a lot and very much enjoyed ourselves; we’re most grateful for the time and trouble you took.”
– Evelyn & Rose, England

“Thanks again for an awesome day yesterday. Nancy and I really enjoyed it.”
– Nancy & Jim, California

“I would like to say many thanks, Richard, for a very pleasant day. Great fun and wonderful birds.”
– Leslie, Montana

“Just wanted to let you know we ended up with 25 life birds this weekend. Thanks again!”
– Peter & Marianne, Massachusetts

“Thanks for a very productive two days of birding and good luck with your business!”
– John, Colorado

“Thanks for yesterday, it was great fun.”
– Malcolm, England

“Well done today! Look forward another outing soon. We made a big dent in my ‘species desired’. Recommending you to Kansas City birders for your expertise and congenial nature “educating” us.”
– Jack, Kansas

“Bruce and I had a wonderful time. What a great day of birding. Looking forward to next week!”
– Jim & Bruce, California

“We had a great time with you on Tuesday. Learned a lot, saw a lot and probably already forgot a lot. You have a good sense of humor to put up with my s**t!””
– John, Phoenix

“Just wanted to THANK YOU for a great day birding on Sunday. We both enjoyed the trip a lot.”
– Curt & Alice, Minnesota

“We had a great time! Thanks again.”
– Dona, Ohio

“We had a great day with Richard. As new chums to North American birds, we were well served by Richard’s enthusiastic introduction to the birds in southern Arizona.”
 Lyn & Richard, Australia

“Really enjoyed today and learned lots as always! Thanks for everything.”
– Marcee, Tucson, Arizona

“Just wanted to thank you for a great day – I saw 10 life birds that day and appreciate your help in finding and identifying them.”
– Susie, California

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