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July 31st, 2015
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SW Wings Festival: Huachuca Mountains

Another great field trip for the Southwest Wings Birding Festival in Sierra Vista. Today’s tour was ‘The Huachuca Mountains’, so we opted to visit Huachuca Canyon in the morning, which proved to be an excellent choice, and the wonderful Ash Canyon B&B in the afternoon, which is always a good choice. We tallied an impressive 82 species with several memorable moments. Northern Pygmy-Owl (Mountain Pygmy-Owl) […]

July 17th, 2015
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Rio Rico, Patagonia, Las Cienegas, Huachuca Mountains

An outstanding day of target birding with 90 species, from Rio Rico to the Huachuca Mountains, via Patagonia and Las Cienegas. Violet-crowned Hummingbird […]

May 6th, 2015
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SW Wings Rarity Chase

I led the Rarity Chase for the Southwest Wings Birding Festival, with a great group of birders. We plumped for Huachuca Canyon and a chase for the Sinaloa Wren. Buff-breasted Flycatcher […]

April 9th, 2015
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Lucifer Hummingbird, Montezuma Quail, Golden-crowned Sparrow

An almost perfect day of target birding, although our luck finally ran out late afternoon. There were several major highlights among 78 species. Lucifer Hummingbird […]