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July 24th, 2011
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July Workshop: Hummingbird Special 2

Blue-throated-Hummingbird-Ramsey-Canyon-11-0724-05Battiste’s Bed, Breakfast and Birds provided a veritable avian feast, with a male LUCIFER HUMMINGBIRD, a probable ALLEN’S HUMMINGBIRD (I couldn’t tell if it was the same as Tony’s confirmed one), lots of RUFOUS, ANNA’S, BROAD-BILLED and BLACK-CHINNED HUMMINGBIRDS and a host of other birds from eye-popping cardinals to the entertaining antics of the resident ACORN WOODPECKERS. […]

July 16th, 2011
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July Fun Birding Workshop: Hummingbirds

Rufous-Hummingbird-Ash-Canyon-11-0716-05We visited Mary Jo at Ash Canyon B&B and, as per usual, were straight into some really great birding. We concentrated on hummingbirds and were rewarded with BROAD-BILLED, BLACK-CHINNED, ANNA’S, RUFOUS and a female LUCIFER HUMMINGBIRD, plus the continuing LUCIFER x COSTA’S HUMMINGBIRD hybrid. […]

July 10th, 2011
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Ash & Miller Canyons

Broad-billed-Hummingbird-Miller-Canyon-11-0710-01We headed up Miller Canyon late morning and spent a while chatting with the Beatty family. We enjoyed the pond, noting several Chiricahua Leopard Frogs and a couple of Black-necked Gartersnakes. Moving up to the CAS, we spent a long while enthralled by the hummingbirds: ANNA’S, BLACK-CHINNED, BROAD-BILLED, BROAD-TAILED, RUFOUS, many truly magnificent MAGNIFICENTS and a smart male BLUE-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD. […]

July 5th, 2011
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Huachuca Mountains

Magnificent-Hummingbird-Miller-Canyon-11-0705-03We first went to Ash Canyon B&B. The birding was exceptional as usual. Highlights included LUCIFER, RUFOUS, MAGNIFICENT and BROAD-TAILED HUMMINGBIRDS, SPOTTED TOWHEE, BULLOCK’S ORIOLE, loads of BUSHTITS and BLUE GROSBEAKS plus much more. […]