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March 6th, 2013
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Through the Office Window

I’ve been enjoying the birds and beasts outside my office window for the ten months I’ve lived here at Fun Birding Towers in Rio Rico, and now that I’ve got my big camera lens back from the repair shop, I can finally share some of the highlights with you. […]

December 2nd, 2011
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Javelina-Patons-11-1202-05As I blearily wandered outside to change the hummingbird feeder this morning I was greeted by a familiar grunt, but one I normally hear at night. A large male Javelina was stood right in front of me, and then another grunt around the corner revealed a second large adult. As she scuttled away she was followed by the two smallest and cutest baby piggies I’ve ever seen. Awww, bless ’em! 😀 […]

October 26th, 2011
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King of the... foothills?

I was crossing the Empire Mountains and Santa Rita foothills south of Sonoita, a particularly nice place. Something caught my eye right next to the road, just at the entrance to Gardner Canyon. Pale, sandy… a coyote… no, too big, wrong shape… it can’t be… […]

September 24th, 2011
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San Pedro House, Ash & Ramsey Canyons

Sonoran-Gophersnake-Ash-Canyon-11-0927-03Along the river, migration was evident. There were quite a few LAZULI BUNTINGS with one or two BLUE GROSBEAKS and an INDIGO BUNTING. Other migrants included OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER, HOUSE WREN and NASHVILLE WARBLER. Other birds included GRAY HAWK, SONG, LINCOLN’S and CHIPPING SPARROW, ABERT’S and GREEN-TAILED TOWHEES, SUMMER and WESTERN TANAGER. […]