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Bird Watching Guide in Southeast Arizona

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SE Arizona Birding Guide Services

Make the most of your visit to SE Arizona by hiring Richard Fray, a professional southeast Arizona birding guide, to take you to the right places and show you the right birds. Whether you’re new to bird watching or a veteran birder, your Arizona birding experience will be greatly enhanced with the help of someone who knows the birds, and how to find them.

Based in Rio Rico, Santa Cruz County, Richard Fray has lived and birded in southeastern Arizona for more than 15 years, guiding full time for the last eight. Subject to availability, you can hire Richard by the day at very reasonable rates.

Southeastern Arizona has some of the very best birding in North America! With its tall mountains, vibrant canyons, rolling grasslands and lush desert, it’s also a region rich in natural beauty. Comfortable lodgings, easy transport, great food and warm weather all make for the perfect birding vacation.

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Birding in Southeast Arizona

I’ve included a whole section of valuable information for birders visiting Arizona.

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It’s Birdathon time again! I haven’t asked for three years, so I hope you’ve all had time to save up for a BIG donation this year. Our team, The Santa Cruzers, aims to set a new record for the number of species seen in one day in Santa Cruz County, the littlest county in Arizona.

Can we do it? Can I achieve my ambitious personal goal of raising $1,000.00? Stay tuned, and please support us! All funds go directly to Tucson Audubon’s impressive conservation program, directly benefitting birds and wildlife habitat in SE Arizona.


Jennie and I did our final cuckoo survey of the season in Pesqueira Canyon near Nogales. It was quieter than previous visits, with most of the migrants having passed through and many of the resident species falling silent. We didn’t detect any cuckoos this time.

Pesqueira Canyon

After our survey, Jennie and I decided to head out to Aquirre Lake at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in the hope of finding three Roseate Spoonbills that had been seen there off and on over the previous few days. We’d both seen this species elsewhere, but not in Arizona.

Roseate Spoonbills

It was decided that a couple more cuckoo surveys were in order to discover if any were attempting second broods, so Jennie and I were back in Pesqueira Canyon near Nogales. We did detect one YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO calling, but didn’t get to see it and weren’t able to witness any potential breeding behavior.

Crissal Thrasher

After conducting a Yellow-billed Cuckoo survey in Pesqueira Canyon near Nogales, Jennie and I headed to Patagonia Lake for some general birding. Despite not arriving until 1:00 pm, we racked up an impressive 53 species along the Birding Trail, with some excellent rarities.

Prothonotary Warbler

Green Kingfisher

Northern Waterthrush

It was the final scheduled Yellow-billed Cuckoo survey of the season on behalf of Tucson Audubon Society and Coronado National Forest, and Jennie and I were confident we could find some.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

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