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SE Arizona Birding Guide Services

Make the most of your visit to SE Arizona by hiring Richard Fray, a professional southeast Arizona birding guide, to take you to the right places and show you the right birds. Whether you’re new to bird watching or a veteran birder, your Arizona birding experience will be greatly enhanced with the help of someone who knows the birds, and how to find them.

Based in Rio Rico, Santa Cruz County, Richard Fray has lived and birded in southeastern Arizona for more than 13 years, guiding full time for the last six. Subject to availability, you can hire Richard by the day at very reasonable rates.

Southeastern Arizona has some of the very best birding in North America! With its tall mountains, vibrant canyons, rolling grasslands and lush desert, it’s also a region rich in natural beauty. Comfortable lodgings, easy transport, great food and warm weather all make for the perfect birding vacation.

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Birding in Southeast Arizona

I’ve included a whole section of valuable information for birders visiting Arizona.

Latest Arizona Birding Blog Posts

This news was just posted on the AZ/NM listserv by Alan Schmierer…

Mexican Jay, Peña Blanca Canyon

Terrible news, I’m afraid. There’s a wildfire currently raging in the Atascosa Mountains/Pajarito Wilderness area and the indications today are that it has completely taken out the whole of my favorite birding site, Peña Blanca Canyon. Anyone reading this blog will know how often I go there and how special this place is to me. I’m absolutely heartbroken.


Another brilliant day of birding and photography in my favorite area, the Atascosa Highlands and Pajarito Wilderness.

Black-capped Gnatcatcher

It’s time we talked about the elephant in SE Arizona’s room – Common Black Hawks.

Common Black Hawk

An outstanding day and night of target birding, with 88 species, lots of specialty birds and some really fabulous moments.

Common Black Hawk

A great day and night of birding in the Santa Rita Mountains. I should have tried harder to find one more species, because we ended on 99!

Whiskered Screech-Owl

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