Finding Crescent-chested Warbler in SE Arizona

Crescent-chested Warbler Status in SE Arizona

Complicated, but extremely rare in all scenarios, with maybe 15 records. There is one confirmed breeding record (Chiricahua Mountains), and they have been found several other times in suitable breeding habitat, in usually wet, mid-to-higher elevation canyons with pines (Santa Rita and Huachuca Mountains). They’ve been found on migration a couple of times, at lower elevation riparian (Arivaca Cienega, San Bernadino). To complicate matters further, they have been found wintering in lowland riparian (Sonoita Creek) and mid-elevation canyon habitat (Madera Canyon).

Best Time of Year to Find Crescent-chested Warbler

Possible year round.

Crescent-chested Warbler Status in USA

Almost all records come from SE Arizona, with outliers in northern Arizona and Big Bend, Texas.

Crescent-chested Warbler Habitat

As noted above it varies from higher elevation canyons with pines for breeding, to mid-elevation canyons and lower-elevation riparian on migration and in winter.

Crescent-chested Warbler Range

Records are scattered across SE Arizona.

Crescent-chested Warbler Range map from eBird

Specific Sites for Crescent-chested Warbler

No regular sites. Breeding occurred at Turkey Creek Canyon in the Chiricahua Mountains in 2020.

Tips for Finding Crescent-chested Warbler

As with any extreme rarity, the best preparation is to know the habitat, time of year, and vocalizations. Really have that song in mind when at higher elevations in summer.

Crescent-chested Warbler Photos

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