Latest SE Arizona Bird News

There used to be just one place to share your bird news and find out what’s going on, but times change. The boom in birding has coincided with a boom in technology, and consequently, just for SE Arizona, there are a number of places to check if you’d really like to know about everything

Latest SE Arizona Rare Bird News from eBird

Click here for the eBird Rare Bird Alert for the whole of Arizona

Santa Cruz County

Pima County

Cochise County

Using eBird

If you’re only going to post what you see in one place, I’d recommend you pick eBird. Not only are you sharing your sightings, you’re contributing to the world’s largest citizen science project, and the most important and complete dataset of birds ever created.

Sign up for a free account.

Discord Server

When it comes to real-time sharing, receiving, and discussing news of rare birds in Arizona, I think this is the current winner, at least until the next one comes along…

But get behind this one, it’s good. After initial teething problems, the app is working well, and the server is set up very succinctly, with channels for every county, as well as state-level rarities, continuing birds, and many more subjects that go way beyond rare bird news.

You can mute any channels you don’t want notifications for, which makes cutting out the stuff you’re not interested in pretty easy.

Highly recommended! The choice of the more active, and dare I say younger birder?

  1. Download the free Discord app for any device
  2. Create a free account
  3. Sign up to the “Arizona Rare Birds and Discussion” server, or click here for an Invite

Group Me Text Message Chat Groups

Before the Discord server took off, this was the most popular method of quick bird news, and there is still a lot of chat in a couple of groups.

  1. Download the free Group Me app
  2. Create a free account
  3. Join discussions, such as “AZ Rare Birds” or “Tucson Urban Patch Birding”

Facebook Groups

Birders post their bird news on a couple of Facebook groups specific to birding in Arizona. The Arizona Birding group is more focused on rare birds, while Birding–Arizona & the Southwest is more general photo posting, but news of rare birds is shared on both – sometimes unwittingly!

There are a number of ID groups on Facebook, where news of rare birds can also surface. One such group is the ABA’s What’s This Bird?

Tucson Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for SE Arizona

For several decades, volunteers for Tucson Audubon Society have maintained this weekly digest of rare bird news for Southeast Arizona. For many years, this task has been undertaken skillfully by Andrew Core – thanks Andrew!

Click here to read the latest Tucson Audubon Society Rare Bird Alert

To report rare bird news, call 520-629-0510 and select option 8, or email

AZ/NM Listserv

The AZ/NM Listserv has been going for several decades and is still used by some. Hosted by the University of Arizona, it’s an email list sharing system. It’s a bit old-fashioned, and has limitations, such as no photos or space for extended discussion.

You can report news by emailing to the group, and receive news by selecting whether you’d like to receive all group emails, or a daily or weekly digest. Sign up and usage is a little clunky but you’ll get the hang of it.

To sign up, click here, then search for “birds”, click on “”, then click “Subscribe”, and enter your email.

You can also read the news posted on the listserv by visiting either of these two aggregator sites:

The Birding Lists Digest

ABA Birding News