Finding Elegant Trogon in SE Arizona
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Status in SE Arizona: Uncommon summer visitor, rare but increasing in winter.

Timing: Can occur year round, mostly Apr-Sep.

Status in USA: Found exclusively in SE Arizona.

Habitat/location: Breeds in Arizona Sycamores and other trees with cavities along riparian corridors within mid to higher elevation oak and pine forests. Traditional sites include Madera Canyon, Huachuca Canyon and South Fork of Cave Creek in the Chiricahuas. Sometimes winters in the same areas or at lower elevations. One or two have returned to Patagonia Lake in winter for over a decade, and they are increasingly found at other sites outside the breeding season, although they remain very rare in winter.

Elegant Trogon summer map from eBird

Elegant Trogon winter map from eBird

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Male Elegant Trogon

Male Elegant Trogon

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