I wanted to thank you for such a special day. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and friendliness made for a delightful day of birding. What a treat!

Richard, I am still excited! Thanks for the adventure of a lifetime. Thank you for the extraordinary extra follow up of lists and pictures. YOU ARE THE BEST!

You have a special talent, hard-won I suspect all your life, and made the day work beyond our expectations. May our birding paths cross again…

Richard, it was the best weekend I’ve had in a long time. I am amazed that we saw/heard so many wonderful birds. Thanks so much for your amazing talent.

Thanks for the pics and list. We are so glad we spent the morning with you and had the good fortune to hook up with the best birding guide in the area.

Thanks again, we are more firmly convinced that you are indeed a very gifted “Bird Whisperer”. It was a lot of fun and you taught us a lot.

Richard is the bird whisperer of Southeast Arizona. Highly in tune with birds and their characteristics and knows where to find them and how to flush them out. He was a great tour guide.