Finding Ruddy Ground-Dove in SE Arizona

Ruddy Ground-Dove Status in SE Arizona

Rare visitor, very rare breeder. They can be absent for months or years, then present as a rare resident for a year or two. Could eventually become established.

Best Time of Year to Find Ruddy Ground-Dove

Can occur year round, mostly Oct-Apr.

Ruddy Ground-Dove Status in USA

Most records are from southern and central Arizona.

Ruddy Ground-Dove Habitat

Tends to occur in similar riparian or more open agricultural habitats than Common Ground-Dove, and frequently associating with them and Inca Doves.

Ruddy Ground-Dove Range

The Santa Cruz River valley south and north of Tucson, the Sonoita Creek, the San Pedro River valley, and Sulphur Springs Valley.

Ruddy Ground-Dove Range map from eBird

Specific Sites for Ruddy Ground-Dove

No regular sites at present but sometimes small populations persist for a few years. Recently a population popped up around Patagonia Lake and the Paton Center in Patagonia. Previously, regular wintering spots have included the Santa Cruz River in Rio Rico and Tumacacori, the Red Rock feedlot and other sites in the Santa Cruz Flats, and Whitewater Draw.

Tips for Finding Ruddy Ground-Dove

Ruddy Ground-Doves are almost always in the company of other small doves, which, in SE Arizona, are Common Ground-Doves and Inca Doves. Learn the ID points, and look at all small doves carefully. Learning the slightly higher-pitched, slightly faster song than Common Ground-Dove is also helpful.

Ruddy Ground-Dove Vocalizations

Coming soon…

Ruddy Ground-Dove Photos

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